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Communication can been an additional asset for your company. If you design and execute it strategically, it may become something of intangible value added and help you reach your goals.

Depending on the strategic plan for your company, at eyCom we will help you to design a communication plan that is both corporate as well as one for your various business or product units. A plan that sequentially follows the follow requirements:

  • Analysis and diagnostics: SWOT.
  • Analysis of opportunities and decisions.
  • Strategic leadership: Mission, Vision and Goals.
  • Strategic Mix of Marketing.
  • Plan for actions and methods.
  • Monitoring and index managing.
  • Final evaluation.

In the same way, at eyCom we design 360 degree strategies that combine different tools for communication focused on developing new strategies that merge with your business goals. Therefore we are able to help you with:

    • Studies of your business or organization.
    • Studies of your environment or your goals for your targets, stakeholders and other endorsers.
    • Studies of your competition.
    • Developing brand messages and platforms.
    • Analysis of the brand reputation.
    • Establishing a communicative positioning and identity.
    • Plans and crisis protocols.

Action with no planning is a waste of resources; planning with not action is a utopia.