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We manage any contact between your organization and the media in order to create an impact with highly strategic value and therefore achieve your goals with the public.

Millions of people are informed daily through the media on its various platforms. With eyCom we help you to:

  • Define media strategy for the short, medium or long term.
  • Be periodically informed of the media related to your business, your sector and your competition.
  • Ideal media tracking —generalized or specialized—, and in the correct format: on-line and off-line press, radio, television and Internet.
  • Define the strong messages and ideas that we want to present.
  • Choose the ideal information format and strategy: press releases, dossiers, fact sheets, reports, opinion articles, Q&A, one on one interviews, storytelling, press conferences, , Best Practices, webinars, podcasts, television, etc.
  • Prepare for all possible individual meetings or press conferences through a specific training course for representatives.
  • Create a final qualitative and quantitative evaluation of the executed media strategy.

Appearing periodically in the proper media channels, your company, brand, or product will achieve positive notability.