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We bring together strategy and results

eyCom is an independent consulting firm specialized in the design, implementation and evaluation of strategies for communication, marketing and public relations for companies, private and public organizations and administrations.
Our duty is to understand the needs of our clients, align our expertise with their interests, create and launch appropriate messages and reach to their targets by means of ideal methods.

Through this, eyCom clients increase their positive visibility, stand out from their competition, and obtain results and progress with their plan.

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There are many communication agencies and professionals... Why is eyCom different?

Focus on "your" results
Every client has special needs, not everything works for everyone. We are a firm focused on results.
We are "Under promise over deliver"
We promise little and deliver beyond the expectations of our clients.
Constant reinvention
We have reinvented ourselves several times throughout the years in line with changes in society and above all in line with the needs of our clients.
Ethical commitment
There can be no communication without ethics. We believe that we can help society be freer, fairer and of course better informed.


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The mission of eyCom consists of understanding the needs of every client and, once we understand them, apply a specific method that follows the following phases:

Following a consultation with a client, we being the eyCom method:

  1. Research: We analyze all the variables of your company or organization; as well as your environment and relevant publicity. We do it in order to project our knowledge, provide you a new perspective not conditioned by the day to day activities of the sector. We create for you the ideal perspective in order to establish clear actions that create a difference with respect to your competition.
  2. Design: We establish the strategy and mark out the goals of every action. We create a strategic ad hoc plan, as well as the strong messages, reports and ideas we will project. This phase is where eyCom provides distinguished added value, increasing creativity and the reality of finding original and efficient ideas.
  3. Development: Once the strategy has been designed, we need to test the suggested hypothesis and action plan.
  4. Launch / Execution: Choosing and executing the appropriate tactics for implementing the strategy plan. Let's begin!
  5. Evaluation: A qualitative and quantitative analysis of the campaign or action will be completed at the end. If in the fullness of the Digital Revolutions everything is measurable, why shouldn't communication be so as well? We make it easy for you to use all necessary metrics to truly measure your Return Of Investment (ROI).